• Shaped wedding rings

    Shaped wedding rings

    As the demand for more unique engagement rings grows, so follows the need for shaped wedding rings. Not only do shaped rings allow you freedom when choosing bands, but they make your wedding ring completely unique to you.

    At Aurus London we specialise in shaped wedding rings, and bespoke ring designs so anything is possible, whether you would like something that adds to the beauty of your engagement ring as a complete set, or something that can both compliment and sit next to your engagement ring, but can also stand alone without looking like it's missing something, we will have the ring for you!

    custom shaped wedding ring  pear cut engagement ring custom shaped wedding ring pear cut engagement ring

    Our shaping service consists of two separate techniques to find the perfect wedding ring.

    The first route is tailoring a current wedding ring shape to suit your engagement ring, whether its changing the setting of the diamonds, or the width to match your engagement ring. We have the largest collection of shaped wedding rings in the UK so we always recommend coming into our studio to try on some designs, and finding out through the process of elimination, what design you like best.

    The second route is to go completely bespoke. This means starting from scratch and using your engagement ring as the starting point in our Hatton Garden workshop to make a ring to fit perfectly next to it. We start with finding a style you like best and working out how you would like it to look, whether you want a shaped only on one side, so from the top the ring looks straight, or something that is pronounced next to your engagement ring like a puzzle piece, we work that all out for you and create the perfect match.

    wishbone shaped wedding ring wishbone shaped wedding ring

    Whilst our website does have some shaped wedding bands, we hold everything in our London studio for you to try on, as buying a shaped wedding band online is a bit tricky and we know this!

    So if you would like to explore the shaped wedding ring opportunities with the wedding ring experts, simply book your studio appointment with our ring designer Sophie by clicking the link below:

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