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  1. Engagement Ring Settings - What Are Your Options

    A ring, whether it is made of cheap silver or pricey platinum, looks plain and bland. It is the design and gemstone embellishments which add a touch of elegance and beauty. The ring setting is a metal mount or fixture on which the gemstone sits and is attached to the main band. There is a variety of setting styles to choose from.

    If you plan to propose to your girlfriend soon, you must be in search of an attractive engagement ring. But, before you hop from store to store, it will help to educate yourself on the varied styles and determine a design that looks good on your fiancés hand. So, let's get started.

    1. The Prong Setting:

    This is one of the most popular methods of mounting a gemstone on a metal band. The style is used for earrings and pendants as well. Also called a claw setting, in this design the gemstone usually a solitaire sits in a

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  2. How to Buy Her an Engagement Ring - Pop The Question On Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day has always been a special one for lovers. It is a day to express love with chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and of courses a lot many hugs and kisses. However, if you been seeing your sweetheart for a few years now and are thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, Valentine's Day can be the best day to pop the big question.

    Irrespective of the proposal idea you choose, an engagement ring is an important requirement. As they say - "A ring makes it official". Hence, even before you get down to planning the surprise, you will have to shop around for an attractive ring she will prize for life. Women can be a little finicky when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. So, to be honest, it is better to take her along, but if you insist on going alone, here are some tips you can use to buy the best ever engagement ring.

    1. Metal Options of Her Choice -

    If you've ever gone

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  3. Why Choose Platinum Engagement Rings

    When it comes to the choice of an engagement ring, before we get down to selecting the design one must first choose the precious metal to be used. Gold, palladium and platinum are popular choices. Of these three precious metals, the last is the most widely used for engagement rings and wedding bands. There are a good number of qualities that render platinum a premier choice for jewelry. We have discussed some of these qualities this short article.

    Platinum and White Gold - There's a vast difference

    We often hear many people use the terms platinum and white gold interchangeably. Although the two precious metals are similar in appearance, they are not the same metal. Platinum is of a higher quality, weight, durability and purity than white gold.

    1. Aesthetic Appeal - Platinum is a white metal with a silvery white color. When compared to gold and silver, it has a distinct radiance

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  4. Wedding Bands – A Symbol Of Never-Ending Love

    The institution of marriage has undergone several changes over the years, but the exchange of rings continues to remain an important marital rite. The wedding ceremony is incomplete without it as those thin, seamless bands worn on the ring finger on the left hand are not mere pieces of jewelry; they are replete with symbolism. They stand for enduring and immortal love.

    You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. Hence, choose an ornament that not only reflects your marital commitment but also your personal style and taste. Here are tips to choose a set of timeless wedding rings for the bride and the groom.

    Metal Choice

    The three most widely used precious metals are yellow gold, platinum and white gold. Gold has always been the traditional choice, but its yellow undertone makes it a little tricky when it comes to coordinating it with clothing. White gold and platinum, with their silvery-white look are a better option in this regard. White gold

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  5. Making your day extra special with diamond wedding rings

    Getting married is one of the most important moments in life. You will want everything to be perfect on the day of your wedding. From flowers to food and your dress to decorations you will want everything to be perfect. While the bride has so much to take care of her on the day of the wedding, the groom has to focus on one particular thing to make his woman happy. It may be small but is a very important part of the wedding. It is nothing but your wedding band or ring that is going to bind you together.

    Choosing a Ring

    Buying a ring is not as easy as it sounds. The jewelry stores both online and retail will have huge collections of wedding rings and it can be a little difficult to choose one. Get an idea of what your bride might like. Choose a metal. Make sure that the metal does not give any skin allergies. Once you choose your metal, invest some time in browsing the catalogues. Since you are going to be spending a huge deal of money in buying

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  6. Uniquely Shaped Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings on sale today are no longer limited to circular bands with one or more diamonds set on it. One can easily find various shapes and designs of both engagement and wedding bands on sale in many jewelry boutiques. Currently, many shaped bands may be found in the market. The shaped wedding ring comes in many styles. By shaped, what is meant is the ring could have a profile or cross section that is different.

    It could be a plain flat or a flat band with softened edges. The flat band is the conventional style and is sleek in look or it could have softened edges. There are D-shaped as well. These are rings that mimic the shape of the letter D when it is viewed in profile. Another variation is the reverse D-shape.

    Then there are the courting rings. These are curved and are said to be the most comfortable to wear. Variation of this style is the heavy courting which is thicker at the center than the previous mentioned ring. Next are the halo

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  7. Choosing Different Diamond Shapes For Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings are very special tokens of an important event in a person's life. Thus choosing a wedding ring is no small matter. Most people today would love to buy diamond wedding rings not only because of the beauty of the diamond but also because of its symbolic meaning as they say that "Diamonds are forever."

    With that said, one of the considerations in choosing a diamond wedding ring is the shape of the diamond(s). Diamonds are cut in various ways and this is one of the 4 C's of choosing diamonds - the Cut. The cut of a particular diamond is determined by other qualities of the raw diamond and experts would cut and finish the raw stone in the most optimal way possible. A diamond cutter is trained to divide a raw diamond into the smaller pieces and shape these pieces in such a way as to produce the best brilliance and sparkle.

    Here are some of the cuts or shapes of diamonds found in the market today.

    • Round Cut/Brilliant - is the
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