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  1. Different Diamond Settings for Wedding Rings

    Diamonds are among the most prized gemstones worldwide. They are symbols of wealth and tradition. The clarity and cut of the stone is of utmost importance, but equally important is its setting. A wedding ring is perfect if it displays the diamond as the central piece of the ring. Following are a few types of diamond settings in wedding rings:

    Bars and prongs

    The diamond is kept in its place with help of bars or prongs. The most popular way of keeping the diamond in place makes use of bars plus prongs. In the case of the prong setting, the stone is surrounded by prongs at each of its four or six edges. In case of a bar setting, the gem is held in the ring with the help of perpendicular metallic bars. In many wedding rings, the prong setting is used for positioning the bigger stone in the middle, while the bar setting is used for holding the smaller stones around the periphery of the larger stone.


    In the case of channel and

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  2. Matching His and Hers Wedding Rings

    It is the wish of every woman to have a fairy tale story of her love life. A large part of the story is woven round the proposal, her engagement ring and the wedding bands. A ring with a beautiful diamond setting is usually the symbol of true love for a couple. This is precisely the reason for which a large number of people search for exotic engagement or wedding rings for the one they love. An exquisite piece of jewellery would go a long way in showing off the extent of the personal relationship with your loved one. The market is flooded with a variety of choices, and there is a wide variation in costs, making it very difficult to ensure that what you have chosen is valuable both in terms of diamonds and their setting.

    It is often very difficult to choose wedding rings. The latest trendy designs are very beautiful, but one has to keep in mind that both partners are, hopefully, going to wear them for the rest of their lives.

    Many people choose to match the wedding rings

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  3. Wedding Rings: A Symbol of Eternal Love

    There is no denying that the wedding day is among the most significant days in the life of any person. And the most significant element of any wedding is the wedding ring. That is why wedding rings are expected to be perfect. A wedding ring symbolizes love and loyalty for life. It is a promise for being around in sickness and health, good or bad, 'till death does them apart.

    Rings were first discovered in northern Africa, ancient Egypt. They were made from twisted papyrus, reeds and rushes sited near the Nile, which was considered to be the source of all fate and existence to the Pharaoh's people, and for that reason it was offered as a sign of good and happy things to come up to the couple.

    We all know that a ring is circular in shape. The Egyptians considered the circle as a sign of eternity, because a circle doesn't have any beginning or an end, similar to time. It comes back to itself. Moreover, they worshipped this shape as it was similar

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  4. How to Look After Your Wedding Ring

    Taking care of your wedding ring is generally not as difficult as you may imagine it to be. It has been discovered that the one piece of jewelry that people lose most frequently is their ring. This is mainly due to negligence on their part. You'll agree that rings are taken off more frequently, compared to bracelets, earrings and necklaces. So obviously, the best way to prevent losing them is not to take them off and always keep them on you. Take care of your ring as if it were your credit card.

    Storage and cleaning

    Of course, you would need a secure place for storing your wedding ring when it is not in use. The storage should not only prevent its loss, but also save it from probable damages that could spoil its looks.

    Your jewelry box, which already has many pieces of jewelry, is perhaps the most unfit place for its storage. The reason is not difficult to guess. When you have a number of pieces of jewelry in the same box, they are very likely to come in touch with

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  5. Platinum - The King Of Metals

    Platinum is often the choice of metal for wedding and engagement rings and heirloom pieces on account of its rarity. And, it is rightly called the king of metals. It has an elegant and regal look. Also, it is the most expensive of all precious metals.

    Identifying Platinum at a Glance

    One who is unaware of the variety of precious metals used to make jewelry often believe it is easy to identify platinum as a glance. It is distinguishable from gold because of its silver white color and from silver first because of its sheen and second by its weight. However, there are other metals with a similar white pallor and hence are often confused as platinum. These metals include sterling silver, white gold and palladium.

    So, then how is it possible to tell the difference between these metals? It needs a careful observation. The king of metals has a pure white color with bluish sheen while white gold is pure white but has a yellowish undertone. The former has

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  6. Solitaire or Halo Engagement Ring?

    When buying diamonds, it's vital to select the best quality. The factors that define the quality of a diamond are: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. White diamonds are mostly colorless and allow maximum light to pass through. That makes a diamond sparkle and look really brilliant and radiant. That is why the colorless diamonds are more valued and the content of color in a diamond is evaluated on this characteristic. The more light a diamond allows to pass through it, the better is its quality and hence the bigger its price. Other than the color, the other characteristic that enables more light to pass through a diamond is its cut. If the cut is too thin, the diamond can't reflect a lot of light and thus can't sparkle too much.

    The clarity of a diamond refers to the flaws or impurities it may contain. Diamonds always have some imperfections or built-in flaws. Diamonds without any flaw whatsoever are indeed very rare and thus most expensive. The carat is

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  7. Why You Can Trust Platinum for Your Engagement Rings

    There is a very wide range of engagement rings available today, but before one chooses any design, it is important to select the metal used for making the rings. Other than gold, platinum and palladium are often used for this purpose. However, platinum is the most frequently used metal for making engagement rings/wedding bands. Platinum has certain characteristics that make it the first choice for making jewelry. Here are some of those characteristics:

    It is not unusual for many people to consider white gold to be the same as platinum. Though having a similar appearance, the two precious metals have different characteristics. Platinum is heavier, more durable and purer, compared to white gold.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Platinum possesses a unique silver-white color. Its glow is distinct and it has a lustrous shine. It has classy regal looks and goes well with any kind of dress. Because of its unique color, it perfectly blends with most designs of rings.


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  8. How to React to Your Partner Proposing - What Not to Do

    When you are all set for getting engaged, it is difficult to think of anything else except the marriage proposal just around the corner. You may keep guessing how it will take place and visualizing the engagement ring on your finger. You'll keep wondering how your boyfriend will propose and what would he say. In fact, the actual proposal hardly comes the way you imagined, and invariably it is not the man who is at fault.

    People often hear stories about how women behaved on their engagement day and then regretted later. That is what makes it imperative not to keep estimating all the time how your boyfriend would behave and spare time to start thinking and planning how would you behave at the time of getting engaged. You may act happy, surprised or excited, but some negative behavior may creep in at the last moment and make you regret later. Here are some such behaviors that you must avoid:

    Failing to say 'yes'

    Of course, you are aware that your guy expects you to

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  9. Diamond Engagement Rings - Learn What Different Shapes Symbolize

    Diamonds in their crude form look like mere pieces of ordinary glass. They have to be cut and polished to become those rare stones embellishing metal jewelry. All diamonds are first cut into a standard round shape which is further trimmed to fancy shapes such as hearts, pearls and teardrops. The shape of a diamond, popularly known as the "Cut" in the register of the jewelry industry, does not only add value and beauty to a metal band but also stands to symbolize important personality traits.

    Diamonds are a woman's best friend and also the traditional choice for an engagement ring. If you wish to propose engagement to a girl anytime soon, head the nearest store and buy her a diamond engagement ring. Make it special by selecting one that reflects her personal style and personality traits.

    But, before that, don't you think it necessary to know the different kinds of cuts for yourself? So, here's more on the subject.

    1. Round Diamonds -

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