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  1. No, Not With That Ring!

    Wouldn't it be awkward to be answered this when you ask the person you've been steady with to marry you? Not to mention how devastating it would be if you decided to make the proposal so grand everyone you know would see you get turned down. And to think, it would be all because you had the wrong ring.

    So how do you know which ring she would like? What are the considerations for a good engagement ring to begin with?

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  2. It's Not Gold - It's Platinum

    Platinum is a noble metal, symbolized in the table of elements as Pt and with an atomic number of 78. The name platinum is derived from the Spanish term platina, which literally translates to "little silver." And true enough, it does have a white-silvery appearance, but as would be further explained, it surpasses silver (and even gold) at certain aspects, particularly value.

    Part of what makes platinum so valuable is its innate attributes. It is physically silver-white in color which allows an elegant luster when polished, ductile and malleable

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  3. Wear This Ring - Until I Get You a Decent One

    Not a lot of people realize it, but for such a short ceremony, an enormous amount of preparations goes into a wedding. After the momentous "yes" to the million-dollar question: "will you marry me?", the ball starts rolling. And with it comes a seemingly unending series of things the couple would have to attend; like counselling (for certain church weddings), dance practices, cake tastings, rehearsals, bachelor's and bachelorette's parties, and the like. Amidst all the fuss, where should the more symbolic parts of the wedding be covered? Writing vows, choosing

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  4. Good Things Come in Threes

    Omne Trium Perfectum is a famous Latin phrase which means everything that comes in threes is perfect or that every set of three components is complete. We've seen this concept applied in many aspects of several industries like poetry, movies, literature, playwright, fairy tales, among others both in the olden days and in modern trends.

    Less evident applications can be found on titles, slogans, 

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