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  1. Who To Trust With A Wedding Ring Before Your Big Day?

    Every couple want to make the most of their wedding day. They make the best arrangements and purchase the best things for their special day. They pay attention to every detail and don't leave any stone unturned. One of the most important things that mark the wedding day is the wedding ring. Couples spend a lot of time in selecting the perfect ring. A wedding ring is the symbol of your eternal love for your partner. It also symbolizes togetherness, trust and loyalty and no one would like to go wrong with this precious jewel.

    When you start your search, you will find that there are a number of sellers in the market with an endless selection of these rings. With so many choices at your display, it becomes really tough to decide who to trust. Every company claims its products to be genuine and better than the other companies.

    It is very important to do proper homework before buying a wedding ring. Find

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  2. Stylish Polished Wedding Rings

    A wedding ring holds a place of great importance in every couple's life. It is a symbol of their eternal love and a promise to be together for a lifetime. This is the reason every couple wants their wedding ring to be strong and perfect. They do a lot of research before making the final decision.

    Modern couples want their ring to be different from the traditional ones. They are always in a lookout for trendy and modish designs and styles. One of the ways jewellers use to make rings stylish is by giving them a polished finish. This finish give rings an excellent shine and you can even see your reflection in the ring. This ring is perfect for those who like their jewellery to be noticed. The only thing is that you need to take good care of polished rings as the scratches get clearly visible. Polished tungsten rings tend to maintain their shine for longer duration and are highly scratch resistant. You can get silver, platinum, gold,

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  3. Shining Bright Like The Diamonds

    Silver, gold, and diamond are three commodities that triggered regional conflicts and wars. Africa, with its rich natural resources, can be considered as one of the jewelry hotspots in the world. The most valuable and the most beautiful diamonds can be found in the region. But despite its rich diamond resources, Africa remains one of the poorest regions across the globe because its people do not get profits from producing these precious stones. Instead, the profits are being redirected to African armies to support their wars against other governments.

    Have you ever thought of the original "birthplace" of your diamond ring? Have you ever wondered where was it created? Diamonds, because of its value, spark conflicts and wars. In the past, diamonds found in Africa were transported to the European market. Profits from diamonds, in some sense, provided additional reinforcements to the African armies to finance their wars against other

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  4. Perfectly Smooth Surface Of Your Favourite Ring - Impossible?

    For many people, wedding rings are very important. People wear their wedding rings on an everyday basis to recognize their vows down the aisle. Hence, it is also important to take care of the look of the wedding rings especially if they are worn in public. However, while everyone wants their rings to look perfect for their whole life, it is not possible to maintain the original look of the rings. Sometimes, they may even exhibit scratches.

    It is very important to take into consideration the softness and structure of your ring. For golden rings, the more carats the gold has, the softer the precious metal is. As a result, this makes your ring more vulnerable to scratches.

    Before buying a ring, you should take a closer look at the relationship between the carats and the softness of the ring. If you choose the softest materials for your wedding rings, expect some scratches after a few weeks of wearing them.

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  5. Men's Diamond Wedding Ring

    Men's wedding rings became popular during the Second World War and have seen no decline in demand since then. A wedding ring has become an essential piece of jewellery for men in present times. Wedding rings for men have come a long way since then. The traditional plain bands are now being replaced by stylish Diamond rings. Like women, men too are in love with the sophistication and sparkle of Diamonds.

    Men's Diamond rings are available in a wide array of designs and styles. The cost of these rings will depend on the quality of Diamonds and the metal used. It is important to fix a budget before you go to the jewellery stores. You can also shop for these rings online. You will find separate category for men's wedding bands on online stores which reflects the increasing popularity of these rings. Shopping online helps you save both time and money. Another benefit of buying wedding ring online is that you have a wide range of products

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  6. Benefits Of Having A Summer Wedding

    The decision to get married holds a very important place in every couple's life. There are a lot of things to consider while planning for your big day. One of the major decisions includes when to get married? Many couples opt for summer as the perfect season to take their vows. It is the time to make the most of your special day.

    There are a lot of advantages of having a summer wedding.

    Weather- Everyone loves breezy summer days and it is the perfect weather to enjoy to the fullest. You don't have to worry about snow or surviving in extreme cold conditions. The weather during summers is more consistent and you can incorporate a lot of things in your planning.

    Outdoor Options- Summer is the best time to plan an outdoor wedding. Guests don't like to be restricted to an indoor place while enjoying the wedding ceremony. Also you don't have to plan for alternate

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  7. Platinum Engagement Rings: Symbol Of Love and Purity

    Selecting an engagement ring for the biggest event of your life is not easy at all. With the markets flooded with a myriad of designs and styles, you need to be clear about what exactly you want. Platinum engagement rings have become very popular as a symbol of love and purity. They look elegant and sophisticated. The two biggest factors contributing to the increasing popularity of these rings are purity and durability. Gold and silver diamond rings are still preferred as the traditional choice for engagement bands, but the rarity and class of Platinum have won the hearts of many.

    The reasons to choose Platinum as a symbol of your love can be many. Platinum engagement rings are a little more expensive than their gold and silver counterparts as they are considered to be 90-95 % pure and require very little maintenance.

    Metal allergy is a very common issue which many people face with gold and silver rings. Platinum is a hypoallergenic

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  8. Making sure your diamonds are securely set

    What is the perfect setting for a secure diamond? This is a common question among diamond ring shoppers. In all actuality, their question is whether to use four prongs or six to mount their center diamond with. The obvious thought is that six prongs are more secure. While this is true, six prongs hinder the look and appeal of some diamonds which makes for a not so perfect setting.

    The answer is not as cut and dry as some would think. Another reason for this is because there are both positives and negatives that come with each type of setting. Furthermore, it will greatly depend on the size and cut of the diamond, and lifestyle of the person wearing it.

    Size of the Diamond

    A six prong setting takes away some of the sparkle and shine from smaller diamonds. With two extra prongs covering more of the diamond, less light can shine through which lessens the sparkle. However, with bigger diamonds, a six prong setting doesn’t take as much away. In fact, six prongs

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  9. Too Tight? Too Loose? Find The Best Ring Size For You

    Wedding's in the life of a man and a woman is usually one of the most important days. Each wedding couple wish their day to be perfect without any troubles. As one of the most visible symbols of wedding can be considered the wedding rings. Do you already know the size of the ring, which could fit the best for you?

    There are several features, which the dreamed ring should fulfill. Except the visual point of view, what's very important is the comfort. Remember that once you will get married, the ring on your finger will be there with you maybe for your whole life, and therefore the finger needs to feel comfortable. So how do you find the best size for you? The ring should not be too tight, because it may cause that you inability to slide the ring over your knuckle; or if you would be able to slide it, then your finger may not have enough blood circulation. The ring should not be too loose, because there is a danger that you will lose it.

    Not many people know that the

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  10. Shining Bright Like The Diamonds

    Silver, gold and diamonds. These three commodities were and still are the starting points for several gold rushes, regional conflicts and wars. People and their style of living in developed countries in Europe or in North America is much different than for example life of people in Africa. Africa can be considered as jewelry of the world, because the most valuable and the most beautiful diamonds were found right there. And if such a diamond is found, poor people, who are under the command of powerful armies, has no profit of  the precious stone.

    Did you ever think about where was your diamond wedding ring made and where is the original “birth place” of the diamond, which shines on your finger? Diamonds and their value causes in many countries several conflicts and wars. In the past, many of found diamonds, originally from Africa, were coming to the European market. Price of the diamond was in transferred sense additional supply for African armies and their continuous

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