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  1. Matching Wedding Rings For Bride And Groom

    Many newly engaged couples choose to buy matching wedding bands for their big day. It is not new for couples to get matching bands to mark their union. It is not only romantic but also looks good when a couple wear similar styled rings. It shows their love and how much they care for each other. It makes their wedding ceremony even more special.

    Buying a matching wedding band is completely an individual's choice. It might be possible that the bride and the groom have different images of wedding rings in their mind and they both want a ring to match their style and personality. In this case, they might opt for different wedding bands.

    There are many choices when it comes to matching wedding bands. Couples either purchase ready-made bands from a trusted jeweller or they go for personalized wedding bands designed as per their choice. Few options which you can consider for matching bands include:

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  2. How To Select Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend and no woman can say no to a ring studded with sparkling diamonds. An engagement ring signifies a couple's promise to spend their life together. Buying a diamond engagement ring involves a lot of research as it is not a small investment. It is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions a man makes in his life.

    When you go out to buy a Diamond engagement ring, you will be presented with a dizzying array of choices and you might find it difficult to choose one out of the many options available. A Diamond is forever, just like your love. You need to be careful while selecting that perfect ring which will truly describe your feelings.

    Do Proper Research- It is very important to do your homework and read about the shape, cut and quality of diamonds. This will make your task a little easier when you go out to a jeweller to buy the ring.


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  3. Design Your Engagement Ring

    An Engagement ring is a very important piece of jewellery for every couple. It holds emotions, love and a promise to be together in all times. The easiest way to buy an engagement ring is to go to a local jeweller and select the one you like from his collection. But there are many couples who are not satisfied with the number of choices available to them. They want something unique and attractive. The best way to make her say 'yes' is by going for a custom designed ring. You can show how much your love means to you by designing your own ring considering in mind her choice.

    Proposing her with a custom design ring would mean that you have given thoughts and considerations to present her with something which is special and unique only to her. Designing your own ring needs a lot of considerations.

    Decide your Budget- The first and the most important thing to do is fix a budget and select metal and stones based on that.

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  4. Matching Wedding and Engagement Rings

    Engagement and wedding rings are one of the most enduring pieces of jewellery for every woman. They are an everlasting symbol of love and commitment. Most modern women prefer to wear their engagement and wedding rings together. This makes it essential for both bands to complement each other. You can buy both the rings together to be assured that they will look perfect when your wear them together. You can design your own rings if you are not willing to buy ready-made rings available with the jewellers,

    The most important points to be considered before you buy complementing engagement and wedding bands include:

    Style- Select ring styles that perfectly complement each other. If one of your rings is very elaborate and intricately designed, you can select a plain metal band as the other. This way both the rings will draw equal admiration. If one ring has a particular embellishment, you should select

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  5. Popular Styles Of Wedding Rings

    The tradition of exchanging wedding rings to mark the union of two persons has been around for centuries. Selecting a wedding band for the big day is one of the toughest decisions to make. It is not just a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of the love you have for your partner and also a promise to be together for lifetime.

    There are different styles of wedding rings available for both bride and groom. The designs range from elegant and simple to modern and intricate. Along with the traditional choices, there are many new and unique options available. Modern jewellers offer a great variety in terms of metal, stones and styles. This article presents the most popular styles of wedding bands you can choose from.

    Plain metal bands-The plain metal wedding band can be made of gold, silver or Platinum. You can make these bands memorable by engraving your names or the date of your wedding. Stone less

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  6. Different Colours Of Gold

    Pure gold is too soft to be carved into jewellery accessories. When we buy jewellery it is actually an alloy of metals like silver, copper and zinc. Most people think that gold is only yellow in colour, but there are more shades available than just yellow.

    The different types of gold colours are:

    Yellow- This is the natural shade of gold which is widely used to make jewellery accessories. It is a mixture of pure gold with copper and zinc. Yellow gold accessories can be found in 22K, 18K, 14K, and 9K, based on the percentage of other metals mixed. It is the traditional colour for wedding jewellery. Diamonds and other gemstones also look sparkling set in yellow gold.

    White- White colour has become widely popular in recent times. Many people are opting the sparkling white colour of gold over the traditional yellow one. Pure yellow gold is mixed with metals like silver, nickel and palladium to get the white

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  7. Engagement and Wedding Bands

    Young brides today are very selective about their wedding and engagement rings. They want their accessories to be perfect and unique. It is a new trend to get complementing rings for both occasions.The best way to match both the rings is to buy sets designed to go together. Jewellers today offer bridal sets where they have matching rings for the bride as well as a complementing band for the groom. You can also design your own sets with a little help. Many online stores gives you an opportunity to design and create your own rings for any occasion. They present you with a range of stones, colours, styles and designs to choose from.

    You need to consider a few things to find perfect rings for wedding and engagement.

    Shape and Size- The width of both the rings needs to be same. If any of the two is wider, it will overpower the other one. Both of them should be equally proportioned. If you will wear both rings on the same

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  8. Types Of Diamond Wedding Rings

    A wedding ring holds a place of great significance in every couple's life. It is a symbol of their love and a promise to be together for lifetime. Couples of all ages prefer the sparkle of diamonds on their wedding band. This is the reason why diamond wedding bands are still in fashion and jewellers from around the globe are coming up with unique and exceptional diamond ring designs. The charm and glamour of diamond wedding bands cannot be ignored by anyone.

    The traditional diamond wedding band design is a plain metal band with a single stone mounted at the centre. Solitaire diamond rings are the most coveted of all wedding ring designs. The size and the shape of diamond can vary according to your budget. A sparkling diamond looks mesmerizing on a metal setting. Another popular design is the three stone rings. They can either have three diamonds or a central diamond accompanied by gemstones on both sides. Five stone rings are

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  9. Halo Engagement Rings

    Engagement is a very special occasion in a woman's life and she wants her engagement ring to be no less than perfect. Diamond halo engagement rings are extremely popular with young brides today. This design of rings has a focal stone which is surrounded by smaller stones, creating a halo. The side stones make the centre stone appear bigger and more sparkling. The centre stone can be a diamond or any other gemstone. The shape of the centre stone varies from round or square to cushion or rectangle.

    Halo engagement rings are available in a range of attractive designs and are considered best for brides who prefer a large ring for their special day. Many celebrities like Katie Underwood and Kate Middleton have opted for this design in recent years.

    Halo rings first appeared in the 1920's during the 'Art Deco' period. Their popularity in present times has placed them right next to the traditional solitaire

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  10. Benefits of Platinum Rings

    Platinum rings have gained immense popularity in recent times. The timeless beauty of this metal has made it a great choice for wedding and engagement rings. It symbolizes a relationship that will last through all the tough times. Platinum rings are available in a range of stylish and modern designs. There are several benefits that makes Platinum a preferred metal choice for rings.

    Benefits of Platinum Rings:

    Purity- Platinum is one of the purest metals available today. It is a 90-95% pure naturally white metal which never fades or changes colour. White and yellow gold are usually mixed with alloys to get the desired colour and they also require rhodium plating at regular intervals. The purity of platinum makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin too. The white shine and silky smooth finish of these rings gives it an edge over other metals.

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