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  1. Few Tips For Buying Jewellery Online

    Online jewellery websites offer ease of shopping to its customers. Shopping online allows you to choose from a range of designs, styles, stones and metals. You can also compare prices offered by different online jewellery retailers.

    Jewellery has always been a popular gift item with people across the globe. In the present age of internet, buying jewellery online is the easiest thing to do. But many people stay apprehensive about the concept of purchasing things without seeing them physically. Here is a small guide which will help you shop confidently from online jewellery stores.

    - Do proper research about the jewellery item you are willing to buy. You can read about various stones, metals and other important jewellery facts which will help you make an informed decision.

    - It is very important to buy jewellery from reputable stores. Ask for recommendations from friends,

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  2. Popular Gemstones For Engagement Rings

    The world of colourful gemstones is attracting many young couples across the globe. Gemstone rings are becoming highly popular as engagement rings. These rings are available in different designs, styles and colours and you are sure to find a ring that will be the symbol of your undying love.

    There are different meanings attached to each gemstone, and you should do proper research to find the perfect gemstone to fit your personality. You can also buy an engagement ring with the birthstone of your girlfriend to make it more special and meaningful.

    Gemstone rings are cheaper than their diamond counterparts and you can easily afford it when you are a little low on budget. You can find a wide range of affordable gemstone engagement rings online. Rings with single or different combinations will surely leave you awestruck.

    Some of the gemstones which are popular among couples

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  3. Why Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

    Diamonds are the most desired of all gemstones. They are known as a girl's best friend because no woman can escape the charm and attraction of diamonds. It is said the every woman should have at least one good diamond accessory in her jewellery wardrobe. There will hardly be any woman who would not like a diamond engagement ring.

    There are several reasons which give diamonds a special edge over other gemstones:

    Diamonds are Rare and Beautiful- Diamonds are associated with purity, rarity and beauty. Each diamond is unique and makes a girl feel special. Giving a diamond ring for engagement, wedding or anniversary is considered very romantic.

    Diamonds are very Hard and Durable- It is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world. With the mohs scale hardness of 10, diamond accessories can last a lifetime and can be transferred to future generations

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  4. How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring?

    The decision to choose a wedding ring is not an easy one. The ring must match your style and taste and should also complement your engagement ring. The endless options presented by today's jewellers make it even more difficult to select the ring that is right for you. These rings are available in different metals, designs and styles and to make it perfect for your wedding, you need to size it to make sure that it fits you well.

    When you are buying something of such a great significance, it is very important to follow some pointers to give a head start to your search.

    Budget - It is very important to fix a budget for your ring to make sure that you are not overspending.

    Comfort - Pay proper attention to the size of your ring. It should be comfortable as you will be wearing it 24*7.

    Metal -

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  5. Diamond Wedding Rings For Your Special Day

    Getting married is one of the most important events in every person's life. The most important accessory that marks the union of two people is the wedding ring. There is nothing that can lure a woman like Diamonds. You can find an infinite range of diamond wedding rings available with the jewellers. Diamond has become the ultimate symbol of eternal love and commitment. The elegance and sparkle of diamond entices women across the globe.

    Buying a diamond wedding ring for your special day is never easy. You need to keep in mind a number of factors to be sure that you buy nothing but the best.

    Diamond rings for wedding are available in a number of unique designs. If you are looking for something elegant, then go for a plain metal band with a few diamonds embedded in it. Solitaire diamond rings and eternity bands are the best for people looking for sophistication as well as simplicity. If you want more elaborate

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  6. Engraved Wedding Bands

    Exchanging rings on the wedding day marks the union of two people in love. Selecting rings for the special day requires both time and money. Many couples prefer to have their wedding rings engraved. It gives your wedding band a unique appeal and perfectly expresses your love for one another.

    Engraving is the most effective way of giving your wedding ring a personalized touch. Engraved rings are a perfect symbol of love and faithfulness shared and cherished by two people. Traditionally, engraving was only limited to initials; but modern jewellers have given endless engraving options to couples. There are different kinds of sentiments that you can engrave on your wedding ring. The popular ones include:

    - Romantic poetry or any other personalized romantic message that a couple wants to remember forever.

    - Important dates like the wedding date, birth date, proposal date or

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