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  1. Caring Tips For Your Platinum Engagement Ring

    Most engagement rings are made from precious metals like platinum and gold and are likely to scratch over time. This is because these metals are soft and hence are likely to have scratches on them. However, the more careful and gentle you are, the milder the scratches will be.

    Often your engagement ring makes contact with some household and work items which are made from hard metals and are likely to cause scratches. Although these are micro-scratches and are not easily noticed, however, with the passage of time, the surface of the gold or platinum takes on a dull effect.

    It is the bottom of the ring on the inside of the hand that is most likely to have scratches and damage as it is always having the most contacts with other items like desks and door knobs from everyday use.

    Of course not wearing your engagement ring to avoid micro scratches is simply out of question. However, there is no need to worry about the

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  2. The Most Romantic Locations To Propose Marriage

    You are on a romantic vacation together and you find the time perfect to pop the question. But maybe you are at home and your parents' sitting room just makes it hard to be intimate enough or the restaurant of your hotel you are staying doesn't seem to be the right place to ask for a marriage proposal. The good news is that a good number of romantic settings exist around the UK to add the flowers and hearts ambiance to your romantic suit. And these settings are available for every budget and taste, right from grand price tags to the most romantic that won't cost a penny.

    From the Top of the World

    There is something uniquely romantic as you shiver and quiver while looking down together on the whole world from a high place. The London's Shard or Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower are among the most high viewing spots that remain crowded with lovers and other people all year round.

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  3. Resizing Precious Metals Used in Wedding Rings

    As time goes by, it is possible that a married man or woman would find the need to modify the size of the ring on his or her ring finger. Usually, wedding ring resizing involved increasing the diameter, but in some cases, the ring size needs to be decreased to fit properly. Only an experienced jeweler must handle the process of resizing. If the ring is going to be enlarged considerably, it involves cutting the ring and spreading the material as much as possible. The gap that remains is usually filled using the same type of metal. If the ring size needs to be reduced, the ring is cut and portion of the band is removed before the ends are put back together again. Under the hands of a skilled jeweler, a resizing job that requires a small change in size may not involve cutting at all.

    Level of difficulty in resizing

    When choosing wedding rings, it is wise to consider the possibility of resizing in the future.

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  4. Diamond Valuation Basics Based on Colour for Engaged Couples

    Diamonds come in a variety of different colours. Expert appraisers of precious stones know this. Consumers who are planning to buy diamonds should learn more about the variations if they want to make a smart purchase. Are you currently looking for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring? Before you continue the search, here are a few useful insights on colour, rarity, and diamond stone pricing.

    Colour and Price

    The first thing that you need to know is that there is a direct relationship between the colour and the price tag of a diamond. The most valuable diamonds are the purest stones. This means that they are clear and colourless and appear a very bright white to the human eye. The total lack of tint makes for a rare and coveted stone. A person who is not working with diamonds and other precious stones for a long amount of time may not be able to identify whether a yellowish tinge is present, or

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  5. Right or Wrong: Diamonds on Men's Wedding Rings

    The custom of wearing a ring on the fourth finger as a symbol of eternal love and devotion is not a Western invention. Historians believe that the wedding rings can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Evidently, the widespread tradition of exchanging rings between a man and a woman who are getting married came before the establishment of some of the world's religions. The Ancient Egyptians used rings that were made from plant material-sometimes from reeds found by the river, in other instances from hemp. In contrast, modern wedding rings are made from precious metals and sometimes adorned with precious stones.

    The most popular forms of wedding rings are plain bands. Men are partial to this style. Women, on the other hand tend to prefer designs that are more ornate. The more affluent couples who can afford to add settings with precious stones on their wedding bands may choose diamonds as adornment. From this, the question regarding the

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  6. Why Platinum Rings Can Be A Great Choice

    Engagement rings are made using different metals among them platinum. This is a rare and precious metal adorning the fingers of high society women and royal blooded men. It stands popular together with sterling silver and gold and is suitable for fashion rings, engagement rings or even wedding rings. The rings made of the precious metal are offered in different styles and fashions making it very possible for everyone to get the style they feel is the best. But why is platinum considered to be a precious metal?

    It is shiny and silky - Platinum is not only silky and shiny, but it is also shimmery thus making it a white metal that can work with any given outfit in the closet. The silky polish and white shine make the metal look gorgeous and you will simply love how the ring looks on your finger. There is actually a very huge difference between it and sterling silver or white gold. It simply has a unique look

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