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  1. Ideas For A Garden Summer Wedding

    Nowadays, many couples are looking for ways to organize their wedding receptions such as to make them memorable among the guests.

    A great way to go about it is garden wedding that is quite romantic in principle. The recitation of vows amid the natural beauty of trees and vibrant flowers add a unique charm to the event. But how to go about making your chosen venue look its best on the big day?

    If you have already decided to get married at a particular garden venue, talk to gardeners there about the seasonality of the plants in place. Find out the time of the year when the plants and flowers are at their best and set your marriage date accordingly.

    If it is your own garden or that of your relatives, you probably get time to do some planting. If you have already set a date, you can contact a professional at your local garden centre to know the plants and flowers that should

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  2. What Are The Wedding Ring Traditions From Different Cultures

    In almost every culture around the world there is the prevalence of marriage. The central to every marriage is the union between two people, though there are certain traditions of each culture. These could be wedding clothes, blessing rituals, wedding food, color themes, etc. There are smaller cultural differences too. Wearing of a wedding ring is one such difference, though it carries the same universal symbolic implication. However, it is the making and wearing of the ring that differs.

    History of the wedding ring

    The tradition of wedding ring goes back to the Neanderthal times, when twits, grass and rushes were tied around the wrists or ankles of the bride and was taken as a sign of friendship and loyalty.

    The Egyptians

    The birthplace of the modern wedding ring is regarded as Egypt. The Egyptians made

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  3. Some Interesting Facts About Diamond Jewellery

    Diamonds are the most sought-after pieces of jewellery and include diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and diamond earrings. Diamond rings are taken as the ultimate symbol of love and are also the practical form of jewellery. Since one can wear ring on every finger, and since our hands are constantly moving around, they become easily noticeable.

    The presence of diamond necklace on your neck makes you look more appealing and are the perfect signs of high-class. This is amply proved if the engaging looks of different celebs at Oscar award nights wearing these necklaces and with formal gowns are anything to go by. The price of necklaces is usually more expensive than rings due to the presence of more diamonds.

    With the passage of time, diamond jewellery also get dirty and needs regular cleaning to ensure their sparkling and brilliance. Although different methods of cleaning exist, but an easy way is to immerse

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  4. Things You Should Know When Buying Gold Jewellery

    Most of us are familiar with the standard gold markings of 18K, 22K, etc., but not everyone knows that gold jewellery is also marked by gold percentage. Hence, you should ensure to inspect all the markings on a jewellery piece before buying. It could be that an 18K piece has a marking on it that signifies it to be not solid 18K gold, but with an 18K gold plate on the surface. Other Markings present on a gold jewellery piece could be that provided by the maker, and is a great way to track the maker of the piece.

    Alloy Mixed Gold Are Not Standardized

    Gold that are below 24K are hardened after mixing with alloy metals and also to bring down the cost. A mixture of silver and copper is the most popular alloy metal used with gold. As there is no standardization of the mixture percentages, the existing cost of alloy metals, desired colour, or manufacturer could be the reasons for variations in hue of a gold piece

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  5. Should You Buy a Bigger Diamond or a Better Quality Diamond As an Engagement Ring?

    The decision to buy a bigger or better quality diamond solely lies on your preferences. Having being in the jewelry business for decades I can tell you that buying a big diamond at a low price doesn't mean that you are buying a quality diamond. To be on the safe side you should go for a high quality diamond. This calls for you to ensure that the unit that you are buying has the right levels of cut, clarity, color and carat weight.


    This is the way that the diamond is cut and proportioned. The cut greatly affects the way that light shines through it. There are many ways in which the unit can be cut. For example, it can have a round, square, or even a rectangular cut. The most expensive units are round cut diamonds. Although, they are expensive they tend to sparkle more.

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  6. What Is the Difference Between a D Shape Band and a Court Shape Band?

    When planning a wedding there are many shapes of wedding rings that you can go for. Two of the most popular shapes that you can go for are: D shape and court shape.

    A D shaped wedding ring features a rounded outside and flat inside. The good thing is that it has a traditional look; therefore, you won't feel weird when wearing it.

    A court shaped ring on the other hand is a ring with a traditional look. It's characterized by a curved interior and exterior which makes it very comfortable to wear.

    Taking A Look At D Shaped Wedding Bands

    If you feel that D shaped bands are the right ones for you, you are on the lucky side as you will have many options with you. Some of the options that you will have include:

    Medium weight: a medium weight

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