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  1. Simple Steps Of Buying Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings are very important. Besides the fact that they are a constant reminder of vows made during the wedding, they are supposed to be worn every single day for as long as the wedding remains valid. This makes it very important to choose the right wedding rings. The options are so many in the market today and for that reason grooms and brides need to take their time to get the best. A few things done right will ensure that the bands are perfect for the couple.

    1. Choose ring metal

    They are common in yellow gold, platinum, white gold, tungsten and titanium. Tungsten and titanium are modern metals, whereas the gold and platinum are classics that are timeless.

    2. Choose your color

    Silver toned metals seem to be the most popular in wedding rings making platinum and gold amazing choices. There is also a group of people who would rather go for yellow gold since it has been in use for the longest

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  2. Diamond Settings For Your Wedding Or Engagement Rings

    Diamonds are valuable, beautiful and pricey stones that make the best gemstones for wedding rings and also engagement rings; they are the hardest of all gems and for this reason last for a lifetime which is why diamonds are considered forever. Giving a loved one a diamond ring goes to show immense love that is bound to last forever and stand the test of time. It is probably for this reason that more and more people are adding diamonds to the wedding bands too breaking the norm that only engagement rings featured gems.

    Apart from choosing the best diamond for your ring guided by the four C's namely clarity, color, cut and carat, you also need to make a choice with how the diamonds are set in your ring. The setting of the diamond can determine how good they look on the band and on your finger for that matter. Setting can also determine the levels of brilliance when they are exposed to light. It is also important to remember that the setting holds the diamond

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  3. Buying An Engagement Ring? How To Impress Her

    If there is one thing women value when it comes to relationships, it is the engagement rings. On announcing that they are engaged to be married, the ring is the one thing most people will want to their lay eyes on. The value of the engagement rings remains to be very important and you therefore should ensure that you get her a ring that is valuable enough or one that will make her feel valued by you. With so many ring options today, you should have an easy time impressing her at an affordable level for you.

    Know her style

    This is the first step of getting an engagement ring that will impress her. You can tell her style by the kind of jewelry she wears and what she admires when you are out window shopping. To get a hint, you can actually take her out on a shopping stroll and ensure you enter into a jewelry store and make a stop at the ring area just to see what type of rings she gives most attention to. You can ask simple questions

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  4. What You Need To Know About Diamond Wedding Rings

    Diamonds are commonly associated with engagement rings, but the fact is they are also widely featured on wedding rings. If you have settled for diamond wedding bands, then you would need to find out everything there is to a good quality diamond so that you can get value for the money you spend on the rings. The four C's of diamond selection should be your guide to getting the very best for your big day.

    1. Color - Diamonds are colorless or near colorless with shades of brown or yellow in some cases. A completely colorless diamond is more valuable and desirable compared to one that has yellow hints. If you love some color though, you can still choose the slightly yellow diamonds for your band considering that not all diamonds will be colorless.

    2. Carat - The carat of the diamond measures weight and not the size of the diamond as many people think. Large carat weight adds value to the diamond and so they tend to

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  5. Choosing A Jeweler For Your Wedding Ring

    Rings are very important to many people and the demand for them has risen in numbers over the years. The wedding rings hold great value and you are better off settling for the best jeweler you can find if you are to purchase the best and get value for the money you spend on the ring. It should be remembered that the bands will be worn everyday and probably for the rest of your life, making it very important to buy the best which can only be got from a good jeweler. A certified jeweler should be what you are looking for if you value your money.

    1. To find the best jeweler likely to have exactly what you are looking for, you can begin by asking your married friends and relatives for any good recommendations. They have made purchases before and therefore must know trusted jewelers you can approach with your wedding ring needs. Getting such recommendations will give you an easy time finding your ring because you don't have to spend time doing a search.

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  6. Wedding Band Metal Options

    When choosing wedding rings, the metal is amongst the most important things to consider. The metal determines the quality and hence durability of the ring as well as the look of the ring. The most popular metals are gold, platinum and silver, although titanium and tungsten carbide can also be selected.


    Its timeless quality makes the most popular metals for the wedding bands. It has been a favorite over the generations thanks to its striking beauty as well. The best thing about gold is that it is available in different colors including rose, white and yellow. The different colors are a result of mixed alloys meaning also that the carat value varies. Yellow gold is more in its natural state and is more traditional hence very popular. White gold has a brilliance to it because it is usually enhanced with rhodium. Because pure gold can be soft, it is mixed with other metals to harden it. The higher the gold karats the more

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  7. Thinking Of Getting Engaged? How To Get It Right

    Proposing marriage is a very serious issue and should be thought through before the action takes place. If you are thinking of getting engaged you have made up your mind to settle down with the woman you love and it is bound to be a very emotional moment for both of you. One of the questions most couples are asked is how the proposal went and to make yours memorable, you need to be creative and be in the moment to make a lasting impression on your bride to be and one to remember for a lifetime.

    1. Be sure she holds the same objectives with the relationship

    If you are already thinking marriage, then it is probably because you have both talked about such serious matters even if not directly and you know that she is interested in settling down some day and with you for that matter. This is important because not many people are in relationships with marriage in mind and to avoid disappointments therefore there is a need to

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  8. Why Proposing Is Still The Most Romantic Thing To Do

    Every woman dreams of finding her prince charming, falling in love and eventually settling down and starting a family. There is truly no more thrilling experience than that moment when a man goes down on one knees asks a woman to marry her. Proposing therefore has been around for a long time and it still holds immense value to date. It is supposed to be the most romantic thing and when it is well planned it turns out to be nothing short of romantic. Why is proposing so romantic?

    1. It is a true expression of love. A man would never go through all that trouble if he didn't really love the woman in question. Women love to be loved and a proposal therefore is very romantic.

    2. It shows a man's boldness which is definitely a turn on for women. Some men are bold enough to make proposals in public places with the attention of everyone on them and without any fear of rejection. Perhaps this is the boldest thing a man can do because chances of the woman

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  9. Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

    When you are out purchasing a piece of diamond or a diamond ring for that matter, the very first thing you will realize is the price. It is no wonder that diamonds are quite expensive. The shiny rocks have to go through a lot before they can reach you in the perfect condition you find them in the shops. The processes add to the cost pushing the prices higher. Remember that the stone starts all the way from the mine and needs to be cut and polished to be the spectacle that it is when waiting for you.

    On the other hand, not all diamonds are expensive because they can differ greatly in value and price. Stones which come with defects and imperfections are sold at relatively low prices compared to the high quality perfect ones. The low quality diamonds are still used in different applications and as part of tools so they still have some sort of value. Here are some of the reasons why diamond remains very expensive to date.

    1. It is tough to

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  10. Why Platinum Is The Best Metal

    When choosing a wedding ring, engagement ring or even a promise ring, the metal is one of the things you will need to make a choice on. There are different options including gold and platinum, which are favorites of many. Platinum has a timeless beauty and makes a very good metal for any given ring. Its natural endurance features are symbolic that the relationship will endure the test of time. But why is this metal considered the best metal, especially for rings?

    It never fades

    Platinum is a magnificent, naturally white metal and will never change color or fade as it is the case with most other metals. Even when you choose white gold, it will yellow after a period of time losing its beauty in the process. You might even need to have it plated with rhodium to maintain its white appearance. With platinum, however, you can be sure to enjoy that beautiful color for a lifetime. It is so clear that it never reflects the color

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