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  1. Design your own engagement ring with Aurus London

    Bespoke engagement ring design service
    Bespoke engagement ring design service

    How do you go about finding the perfect engagement ring?

    It's a very tricky business, one that we know well and have become specialists in over the years. Our niche is bespoke ring design, as we have seen a huge increase in Gents wishing to create a custom engagement ring, full of sentimental details and unique design. Whether you want to take the plunge and propose with the bespoke design, or propose with a sketch/model of the engagement ring design, at Aurus you can do either.

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  2. Designing the perfect engagement ring

    [caption id="attachment_536" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Bespoke engagement ring design service Bespoke engagement ring design service[/caption]

    When you start the search for an engagement ring, you will begin to notice a trend between whats currently popular, and the classic designs on the market. Yes these are lovely in their own right, but with bespoke engagement ring designing you can add a really amazing element to the proposal by saying proudly that you designed the engagement ring yourself, making the ring completely unique and sentimental to the two of you.

    It can be a bit daunting when you decide to design the engagement ring yourself, it's not always clear where you need to begin, so we

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  3. How to save money when shopping for wedding rings

    Diamond engagement ring with shoulder diamonds

    We all know that wedding rings are the most important part of the wedding that you will take forward with you into your married life. They symbolise your unity and love for one another and you wear them everyday. So you need to know that you will love what you see when you look down everyday.

    So our first and most important point is to not scrimp on your wedding ring, yes in the heat of the moment it might not be as exciting as your wedding dress or wedding venue, but we guarantee over time that you will appreciate the time you took choosing your ring and the money you invested into them.

    Therefore when you are setting out your budget, do not

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  4. Shaped Wedding Ring Guide


    Shaped wedding rings

    More often than not we have customers come into our London showroom knowing that straight wedding rings do not fit well next to their engagement ring, there is often a gap, big or small which means that the wedding ring is not a perfect match for them.

    The reason they come through our door is because we have the largest selection of shaped bands in the UK. Spanning from plain shaped wishbones, or diamond set wedding rings with custom shaping to match their engagement ring shape, we have the ring you are looking for.

    To introduce you to the shaped wedding band world, we have listed the 4 most popular shaped band styles and the

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  5. Starter guide to Buying an Engagement Ring


    [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond[/caption]

    Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond

    So you have decided to propose to your partner and want to find the perfect engagement ring?

    Our first bit of advise is not rush any part of the process, with most cases a proposal will be a surprise, so if you're feeling spur of the moment and want to propose this weekend, take

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