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  1. How to clean your engagement ring


    [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond[/caption]

    One of the questions we get asked in almost every ring appointment is: "How do I keep my engagement ring clean?"  There will always be conflicting advise with this, some will say use neat vodka or gin to clean a diamond engagement ring, some will say soapy water.


    What we recommend at Aurus for home cleaning of an Aurus Diamond engagement ring, is washing up liquid in warm water and a very soft old toothbrush. If you lather up the washing liquid, this will act as a de-greaser

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  2. Modern Engagement Rings- Design the Dream



    [caption id="attachment_540" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring[/caption]



    Contemporary engagement rings ultimately create a timeless classic design that will never age or look dated, and we love showcasing a beautiful diamond in an equally gorgeous, simple setting.

    If you want to begin designing your own modern engagement ring we have a couple of tips for you, to ensure that you design the dream engagement ring for your soon to be fiance.

    Tip One: Begin with the stone

    When designing an engagement ring the central focus will most

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  3. How much are wedding rings?






    Through the years we have noticed many trends in behaviour for couples coming in to find their wedding rings, to name a couple of the less positive we would have to go with:

    • Expecting to get life-long wedding rings for less than £100 for both people
    • Expecting to get bespoke wedding rings the same day.

    Aurus is a unique wedding ring brand for one reason amongst many: our quality is guaranteed. So we will be explaining why we would recommend not following the above directions, and take the realistic and ultimately more effect route when shopping for wedding rings.

    To tell you

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  4. Vintage engagement rings - Design the dream

    Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring
    Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring



    Through the years we have noticed the most popular engagement ring trends of our customers, the one that definitely beats the rest are vintage engagement ring designs.

    With our ability to design any ring you may have previously seen, we have a lot of customers coming in with designs that may have noticed in a shop years ago, or a particular design that they saw on Pinterest but couldn't find to purchase online. Whether

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  5. How to take the stress out of finding the perfect engagement ring

    [caption id="attachment_546" align="aligncenter" width="462"]Winter proposal engagement shot Winter proposal engagement shot[/caption]

    With Christmas just around the corner, we know that proposals are in the air, and the prospect of finding the perfect engagement ring in time is daunting. So Aurus London is here to take the stress away from this task through our sample proposal engagement rings.

    Now we know that choosing an engagement ring out of the vast selection available, whilst remaining on budget is difficult, so we have set up our fool-proof proposal plan just for you. There is no commitment to a design and no stress of choosing

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