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One of the questions we get asked in almost every ring appointment is: "How do I keep my engagement ring clean?"  There will always be conflicting advise with this, some will say use neat vodka or gin to clean a diamond engagement ring, some will say soapy water.

What we recommend at Aurus for home cleaning of an Aurus Diamond engagement ring, is washing up liquid in warm water and a very soft old toothbrush. If you lather up the washing liquid, this will act as a de-greaser to cut through the soap and moisturiser that may have got caught in-between the stones. Be very gentle and be careful not to poke any stones, just gently rub the bristles over problem areas, then rinse the ring off under clean water.

If you would like a more professional clean of your Aurus Engagement Ring, you can also bring it into our London Showroom, we will then be able to polish out any scratches in the metal and clean our any residue in our Hatton Garden workshop. This usually takes about a week and half and gets your engagement ring looking like brand new!

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If you would like to discuss cleaning your engagement ring, or wedding ring further, simply get in touch with our ring specialist or follow the link below:

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