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  1. How much are you supposed to spend on an Engagement Ring?

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    How much are you supposed to spend on an engagement ring?

    This is probably one of the most common first questions you will research and ask friends, when you decide to embark on finding an engagement ring to ask the big question with. So here at Aurus London we have put together some key points to consider when budgeting for your engagement ring. Once you have a decided budget, it will become less daunting when it comes to designing, as at Aurus London we will always design around your budget and create the perfect ring to suit you.


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  2. The 5 facts you need to know about diamonds



    When you start your engagement ring search the stark reality of this unknown world can hit you like a tonne of bricks. You want to know what sort of engagement ring you can get for your budget, you want to know how to get the best possible deal without the chance of being ripped off, and most importantly you want to know that it's the perfect engagement ring.


    With this in mind, we have drawn upon our most asked questions and unknown entities when it comes to diamonds; in order to make your first steps into the engagement ring world easy.


    1. What is a good colour for a medium sized

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  3. Bespoke engagement ring design- Princess cut diamonds


    [caption id="attachment_685" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Twist style princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring Twist style princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring[/caption]

    If you're looking for a unique engagement ring, you may have come across princess cut square diamond engagement rings. This beautiful cut of diamond creates a unique in whichever way it might be set and here at Aurus London we wanted to celebrate this beautiful diamond cut, so we have therefore put together our favourite diamond engagement ring designs in which a princess cut diamond is the focus.

    [caption id="attachment_686" align="aligncenter" width="625"]

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  4. Designing the perfect engagement ring- Design the dream





    [caption id="attachment_536" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Bespoke engagement ring design service Bespoke engagement ring design service[/caption]

    When you begin your engagement ring search, you will notice a couple of things very quickly.

    One:  That high street engagement rings start to look very similar to a friend who just got engaged's ring, and the next and the next.

    Two, that you want something unique but you're not quite sure where to go because Hatton Gardens feels too 'trade-focused' for you to not feel like they are telling you what you want to hear, and that you might not be getting value for money.

    This is where Aurus

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  5. Solitaire Engagement Rings- Design the dream




    [caption id="attachment_540" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring[/caption]

    The most popular engagement ring style is definitely the one stone solitaire, this beautifully classic ring design lets the central stone really shine and stand proud on your hand, so no wonder its the favourite!

    There are different ways to customise your solitaire engagement ring, to make it unique you can choose to have a shaped stone in the central setting, the most popular is the round brilliant diamond, the next

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