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  1. What are Eternity Rings? When do you buy them? Design the dream






    The words eternity rings are often thrown around at wedding ring appointments as a way to let the partner know that there will be another ring to buy on top of the engagement & wedding ring, but what is an eternity ring? Is it for the 1st year of marriage or is it after the first baby is born?

    The answer is both! Everyone is different and timelines and plans vary hugely, so an eternity ring can be given after the 1st year of marriage or when the first little one arrives, and with Aurus London we like to think that we make finding the perfect eternity ring easy.

    You can tailor the eternity ring to have the same design as the wedding ring but in a different metal, or you can include blue or pink sapphires for a little boy or girl, eternity rings are all about sentimentality, so a special number of diamonds to show how your family has grown or an engraving inside to say how much you love your partner

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  2. Unique Wedding Rings for Women- Design The Dream





    Vintage diamond wedding rings

    Finding a unique diamond wedding ring that doesn't look like the traditional eternity ring is difficult, if you don't want a continuous setting of diamonds or perhaps design detail then our vintage wedding ring collection is for you.

    We have carefully chosen designs that have subtle details such as mill-grain detail, flush set diamond spaced around the ring, or even an art deco inspired geometric diamond ring, we have it all. With our tailoring service we can adapt

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  3. Vintage Wedding Rings, What you need to know...

    Vintage wedding rings in london



    When it comes to beginning your wedding ring search the most useful starting point is your engagement ring. If it has a vintage design, antique in era, or you want to add detail to a solitaire diamond engagement ring, vintage wedding rings are always a favourite.

    At Aurus we have a huge selection of vintage style wedding rings, and a bespoke design service to create your dream wedding ring in our London showroom. We have art-deco inspired mill-grain and baguette diamond wedding rings, alongside patterned wedding rings with mill-grain edges. Don't automatically think that vintage

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  4. Designing the perfect engagement ring

    [caption id="attachment_536" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Bespoke engagement ring design service Bespoke engagement ring design service[/caption]

    When you start the search for an engagement ring, you will begin to notice a trend between whats currently popular, and the classic designs on the market. Yes these are lovely in their own right, but with bespoke engagement ring designing you can add a really amazing element to the proposal by saying proudly that you designed the engagement ring yourself, making the ring completely unique and sentimental to the two of you.

    It can be a bit daunting when you decide to design the engagement ring yourself, it's not always clear where you need to begin, so we

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  5. Precious metal FAQ


    Confused over what metal to choose for your ring?

    One of the most commonly question asked is the usually the difference between the metal choices. This could be important for whether you are choosing an engagement, wedding or eternity ring. Choosing your metal is just as crucial as choosing your ring as this could reflect the look as well as the price.

    What are the metal choices you have?
    We do 9k, 18k, platinum 950 and palladium 950.

    What are the main differences with these metals?

    9K and 18K gold - There are 24 parts to a gold alloy,

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  6. Welcome to Aurus - Diamond and wedding rings


    Welcome to the Aurus news page where you'll find the most updated news and subjects related to Aurus.  As one of the largest collection of diamond engagement, wedding and eternity ring store it is important to pick the right ring for your special occasion from the correct supplier. With our passionate staff we will guide you through your purchase step by step whether it be the decision of metal choice, diamond or design of your ring.

    We are here to help, if you have any questions please do feel free to get in contact with us via:

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