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  1. 2017 Wedding Rings and when you need to buy them



    Shaped wedding rings

    We know that Christmas can blind-sight those who have their wedding day booked for 2017 so Aurus London is ready and waiting in January to find you the perfect wedding rings. What we would recommend because of this, is to book your appointment in early. That way you know that it's sorted and you won't be disappointed when you come to choose your wedding ring.

    All of our rings are tailor-made at Aurus London, so we do need atleast 5-6 weeks notice to start making them, so our first advise is do not leave them too late! If you can have them ready to try on a month before your wedding day that is ideal, this allows for size

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  2. How much are wedding rings?






    Through the years we have noticed many trends in behaviour for couples coming in to find their wedding rings, to name a couple of the less positive we would have to go with:

    • Expecting to get life-long wedding rings for less than £100 for both people
    • Expecting to get bespoke wedding rings the same day.

    Aurus is a unique wedding ring brand for one reason amongst many: our quality is guaranteed. So we will be explaining why we would recommend not following the above directions, and take the realistic and ultimately more effect route when shopping for wedding rings.

    To tell you

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  3. Aurus London will be at The Wedding Fair ExCel September 17th-18th



    [caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="289"]The Wedding Fair ExCel 2016 The Wedding Fair ExCel 2016[/caption]



    What is better than finding your perfect wedding ring with your dedicated ring specialist by your side? Having all of this with a 50% discount of course, and all of this is available this weekend with The Wedding Fair at ExCel London!

    Wedding Fairs are a fantastic source of  wedding planning, all of the top suppliers from your wedding region are all under one roof, offering amazing discounts to all visitors. Yes they're fantastic days out when you're looking for inspiration, but our

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  4. Shaped Wedding Rings- What you need to know


    What do you do if you have a gap between your engagement ring and a straight wedding ring?

    There are many different options when it comes to shaped wedding rings, at Aurus we know as the engagement rings become more unique, so do the wedding rings. Gone are the days of a straight band sat un-naturally with big gaps between itself and the engagement ring.

    Whether you want a subtle pinch wedding ring, or a twist to sit around your solitaire engagement ring, our ring specialists will be able to guide you through the collections we have. Bursting with over 1500 styles, plain wishbone wedding rings, and diamond set shaped bands for oval engagement rings, We have the largest collection

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  5. Wedding Planning Tips- When should we buy wedding rings?

    [caption id="attachment_363" align="alignleft" width="200"]Photographer: IZO Photography Photographer: IZO Photography[/caption]

    Wedding planning provides some of the most exciting and enjoyable moments before becoming man and wife, but do not forget that a lot of the bits and bobs are only for the day. You will hire a lot of your venue accessories, you'll beg, borrow, and steal some of the decorations to ensure that it looks as close to perfect as possible, but do not forget that one of the only things that will continue to be with you after the wedding, is your wedding rings.

    Wedding season,

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  6. How are you starting your new year?

    We're heading off into the new year very soon and what better way to start it by getting things organised and in place for your wedding. We will start the new year by exhibiting at the UK Wedding Show held at Excel. Come visit us at the stand on the day and we'll be hosting exclusive discounts on wedding and eternity rings just for you.


     Book your tickets here with an early bird 20% off

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