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  1. Unique Wedding Rings for Women- Design The Dream





    Vintage diamond wedding rings

    Finding a unique diamond wedding ring that doesn't look like the traditional eternity ring is difficult, if you don't want a continuous setting of diamonds or perhaps design detail then our vintage wedding ring collection is for you.

    We have carefully chosen designs that have subtle details such as mill-grain detail, flush set diamond spaced around the ring, or even an art deco inspired geometric diamond ring, we have it all. With our tailoring service we can adapt

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  2. Finding the perfect Engagement Ring- Design the Dream!

    Proposal in the snow

    Having been in the wedding ring industry through many peak engagement ring periods we know that after Christmas is one of the busiest times for the 'big ring shopping trip'.

    We know that it is a daunting one after seeing your friends and loved ones getting engaged over the festive period, and subtle comments about liking, or not liking the rings that are popping up on your social media feed can leave you feeling a bit swamped. So at Aurus London we ensure that we take you back to square one, and talk about what you personally like, and what your partner loves, currently wears, and maybe has pinned

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  3. Engagement Rings for £1500 and under

    Vintage engagement ring


    The idea of engagement rings costing 3 months of wages is a marketing ploy to get you to spend more in specialist jewellers, but we at Aurus London are hear to tell you that you do not have to sacrifice quality by going to high street jewellers to find your engagement ring, just because you think that you won't be able to afford anything else. Any ring specialist worth their weight in gold (excuse us) will be able to create any engagement ring to fit any budget, and that is exactly what we do.

    The way that we differ to high street jewellers is that we do not sacrifice quality for quantity, all of our engagement rings are tailored and made to

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  4. Design your perfect Engagement Ring


    [caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring[/caption]

    If you have decided to make your engagement ring that bit more special by designing it yourself, then you need to choose a ring specialist who will understand your requests: that is where Aurus London come into your life!

    We have a tailored bespoke design service in our London Showroom, working around your initial inspiration, budget, stone ideas and proposal plans, we really do make the journey that bit more special, and a lot less daunting!

    Our in-house designer Sophie will discuss design

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  5. 2017 Wedding Rings and when you need to buy them



    Shaped wedding rings

    We know that Christmas can blind-sight those who have their wedding day booked for 2017 so Aurus London is ready and waiting in January to find you the perfect wedding rings. What we would recommend because of this, is to book your appointment in early. That way you know that it's sorted and you won't be disappointed when you come to choose your wedding ring.

    All of our rings are tailor-made at Aurus London, so we do need atleast 5-6 weeks notice to start making them, so our first advise is do not leave them too late! If you can have them ready to try on a month before your wedding day that is ideal, this allows for size

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  6. Vintage Wedding Rings, What you need to know...

    Vintage wedding rings in london



    When it comes to beginning your wedding ring search the most useful starting point is your engagement ring. If it has a vintage design, antique in era, or you want to add detail to a solitaire diamond engagement ring, vintage wedding rings are always a favourite.

    At Aurus we have a huge selection of vintage style wedding rings, and a bespoke design service to create your dream wedding ring in our London showroom. We have art-deco inspired mill-grain and baguette diamond wedding rings, alongside patterned wedding rings with mill-grain edges. Don't automatically think that vintage

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  7. Vintage engagement rings - Design the dream

    Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring
    Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring



    Through the years we have noticed the most popular engagement ring trends of our customers, the one that definitely beats the rest are vintage engagement ring designs.

    With our ability to design any ring you may have previously seen, we have a lot of customers coming in with designs that may have noticed in a shop years ago, or a particular design that they saw on Pinterest but couldn't find to purchase online. Whether

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  8. Starter guide to Buying an Engagement Ring


    [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond[/caption]

    Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond

    So you have decided to propose to your partner and want to find the perfect engagement ring?

    Our first bit of advise is not rush any part of the process, with most cases a proposal will be a surprise, so if you're feeling spur of the moment and want to propose this weekend, take

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  9. Top 10 ways to propose and ask 'Will you Marry Me?'


    Whether you want to go for a traditional proposal or something more unusual, as we always say at Aurus London: there are no rules.

    Proposing to your significant other, deciding to take that next step is so special; emanating so much love and commitment to your partner, that anything extra within the proposal is a bonus!

    We are of course here to help get you started with the planning though, if you're not sure about committing to an engagement ring design, you do not have to propose with THE ring, we find a very popular choice is to design your engagement ring with your ring specialist, specifying your budget and initial inspiration from Pinterest engagement rings, or designs your partner has shown interest in. With your chosen design, we can then choose from our sample rings, something similar to your design, that you can propose with, maintaining the surprise, but also inviting your partner to co-design their perfect engagement ring.

    Once you

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  10. Designing your Bespoke engagement ring- What you need to know


    [caption id="attachment_431" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Bespoke engagement ring design service in Clerkenwell London Bespoke engagement ring design service in Clerkenwell London[/caption]


    If you're looking for something more unique when searching for engagement rings, a bespoke engagement ring design will be perfect for you. It may seem daunting starting from scratch but we are here to make it easy. 

    The Aurus Bespoke service allows you to pick the stone to suit your partners personality, and your budget. Whether it is a asscher cut art deco engagement ring you have in mind, or a blue sapphire

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