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  1. Vintage Style Wedding Rings- Design The Dream with Aurus London

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    One of the most popular designs of wedding rings of 2018 is the vintage wedding ring, and at Aurus London we have a beautiful collection of styles that you can design to suit you perfectly.

    Our full vintage wedding ring design collection are available in our London showroom, and in your appointment our ring expert will be able to guide you through the rings taking your budget into consideration and tailoring the ring to be perfect for you. All of our diamonds can be changed to black diamond wedding rings, sapphire set wedding ring, rubies & even brown diamonds so the sky is definitely the

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  2. Affordable engagement rings do not have to mean sacrifices in quality

    The world of engagement rings can seem very linear, with expensive price tags on 'aspirational' designs, and diamonds in every single part of the ring. So it's not surprising that if you don't have thousands to spend on a ring, that the High street seems to be the best place to try and meet in the middle, pretty designs, with a low price tag, because anywhere else will be too expensive, but we are here to tell you that it ain't so!

    At Aurus London, we create bespoke engagement rings, to fit you, and whilst the word 'Bespoke' eludes to super high end out of budget jewellery, with us this is not true.

    We design around budget, design preferences and personal tastes, whilst never compromising on quality. We might

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  3. Unique Wedding Rings For Men- Design your own

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    We all know that the wedding industry is focused on the ladies, meaning that gents can be left feeling a bit bewildered about what aspects apply to them, and what is available when they start their searches. Now one thing that we hear often is that men think that there are only a couple of different styles available for them when it comes to wedding rings, so this can mean that they either don't want to wear a wedding ring because they can't find one that they like, or they compromised

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  4. Solitaire Engagement Rings- Design the dream




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    The most popular engagement ring style is definitely the one stone solitaire, this beautifully classic ring design lets the central stone really shine and stand proud on your hand, so no wonder its the favourite!

    There are different ways to customise your solitaire engagement ring, to make it unique you can choose to have a shaped stone in the central setting, the most popular is the round brilliant diamond, the next

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  5. What are Eternity Rings? When do you buy them? Design the dream






    The words eternity rings are often thrown around at wedding ring appointments as a way to let the partner know that there will be another ring to buy on top of the engagement & wedding ring, but what is an eternity ring? Is it for the 1st year of marriage or is it after the first baby is born?

    The answer is both! Everyone is different and timelines and plans vary hugely, so an eternity ring can be given after the 1st year of marriage or when the first little one arrives, and with Aurus London we like to think that we make finding the perfect eternity ring easy.

    You can tailor the eternity ring to have the same design as the wedding ring but in a different metal, or you can include blue or pink sapphires for a little boy or girl, eternity rings are all about sentimentality, so a special number of diamonds to show how your family has grown or an engraving inside to say how much you love your partner

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