shaped wedding rings

  1. Shaped wedding rings- Design the dream


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    Finding the perfect wedding ring can be tricky when you go out for your first shopping trip, and quickly realise that a straight band does not fit next to your beautiful engagement ring. All of your preconceived thoughts about how your wedding ring would look can go flying out the window, and you might feel lost and overwhelmed at the prospect of considering another style.

    At Aurus London we make it our aim to find you the perfect wedding ring, a ring that you didn't even know existed is sat in our London showroom waiting for you to find it.

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  2. Shaped Wedding Rings to match your Engagement ring

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    Have you begun your 2017 wedding ring search and found that straight bands just are not fitting, or working next to your unique engagement ring?

    At Aurus London we know that shaped wedding rings are rarely perfect when you go to a High Street Jewellers, that is why we have our tailored shaping service. We use your engagement ring as the mould to fit your wedding ring perfectly next to it, ensuring the most comfortable fit and perfect matching set of wedding ring and engagement ring.

    We start

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  3. How much are wedding rings?






    Through the years we have noticed many trends in behaviour for couples coming in to find their wedding rings, to name a couple of the less positive we would have to go with:

    • Expecting to get life-long wedding rings for less than £100 for both people
    • Expecting to get bespoke wedding rings the same day.

    Aurus is a unique wedding ring brand for one reason amongst many: our quality is guaranteed. So we will be explaining why we would recommend not following the above directions, and take the realistic and ultimately more effect route when shopping for wedding rings.

    To tell you

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  4. Shaped Wedding Ring Guide


    Shaped wedding rings

    More often than not we have customers come into our London showroom knowing that straight wedding rings do not fit well next to their engagement ring, there is often a gap, big or small which means that the wedding ring is not a perfect match for them.

    The reason they come through our door is because we have the largest selection of shaped bands in the UK. Spanning from plain shaped wishbones, or diamond set wedding rings with custom shaping to match their engagement ring shape, we have the ring you are looking for.

    To introduce you to the shaped wedding band world, we have listed the 4 most popular shaped band styles and the

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  5. Why do we wear wedding rings?




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    Wedding rings are something you see everyday on the fourth finger of the left hand, and may not think twice about until it is time for you to start searching for wedding rings yourself, and you may begin pondering the rhyme and reason for this specific tradition.

    So we are here to help broaden your knowledge about them and to give you a brief history of wedding rings and also engagement rings...


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  6. Guide to Diamond Wedding Rings


    Do people normally have diamonds in their wedding ring?

    This is a question we get asked a lot at Aurus London, and our answer is always the same, there are no rules when it comes to choosing wedding rings. If you have always dreamed of having a simple classic plain band that is wonderful, if you want a full band of diamonds to compliment your engagement ring then that is fantastic also.

    At Aurus London we will open your eyes to what is available in the wedding ring world. We have the largest selection of designs and styles in the UK and our bespoke wedding ring service also comes in useful when the engagement ring has diamond settings that you want to match.

    Diamond wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes, we can increase the width of your wedding ring to make the diamonds larger, we can change the shape of the diamonds to match your engagement ring. For example if you have a princess engagement ring, with a square cut diamond, we can match this

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  7. Wedding Planning Tips- When should we buy wedding rings?

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    Wedding planning provides some of the most exciting and enjoyable moments before becoming man and wife, but do not forget that a lot of the bits and bobs are only for the day. You will hire a lot of your venue accessories, you'll beg, borrow, and steal some of the decorations to ensure that it looks as close to perfect as possible, but do not forget that one of the only things that will continue to be with you after the wedding, is your wedding rings.

    Wedding season,

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