Engagement Ring Package

Our main aim at Aurus is to make the task of finding the perfect engagement ring as simple and as straight-forward as possible. To avoid overwhelming you with jargon and technical terminology, we like to invite you to the showroom for a one-to-one consultation with one of our Engagement Ring specialists. We are happy to start from square one and like to find out your preferences as well as educating you on diamonds, metals, settings, etc. This will encompass a discussion about your partner’s personal style, what they do for a profession and their hobbies. All of these factors significantly influence the type of ring style and design that they might like.

Our team will walk you through the diamond specifications and every aspect of a diamond's quality that you would need to know before investing, followed by the metal specifications and which alloy in particular would suit best your partner and your budget. You will then be guided through the diamond choices available, showing you the various carat weight and cuts best suited to your specifications. You will get a clear understanding of what is available in your budget and get an idea of how it will look by browsing our sample diamonds. Once all the main aspects have been discussed you will browse through the tailored short list of rings in order for you to make the final selection of the style that stands out to you the most. If you would rather get a completely bespoke design, based on something you have previously seen or thought about as an engagement ring, but haven't been able to source in the current collections available, we offer a tailored design consultation with our in-house designer, who will be able to sketch and translate your idea into reality. So you would be able to create a truly unique design for your partner, right in front of your eyes.

The exclusive Engagement Ring Package offers the following benefits:

  • A tailored payment plan; 
  • An Aurus VIP card which entitles you to 25% off your future diamond wedding and eternity ring purchases;
  • Guaranteed matching wedding band for the engagement ring;
  • Free engraving on your engagement ring and wedding rings; 
  • A diamond certificate from GIA, IGI or HRD, the world's foremost independent diamond grading laboratories certifying the exact specifications of your diamond;
  • A free set of Swarovski earrings or pendant for you to take away when you place the order;
  • A 3-year quality service plan, which includes: unlimited free cleaning, annual inspection of diamond claws to check the security of the diamond and;
  • A free re-rhodium plating of white gold engagement rings before your big day to ensure that the engagement ring sparkles just as brightly on your wedding day as the day you proposed!


You can browse our Engagement Ring collection before booking an appointment.