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  1. Half-Row Of Diamonds Or A Single Diamond?

    Diamond rings are some of the most suitable rings for engagements and weddings. The options are numerous when it comes to rings especially in terms of the size and weight of the diamonds. When choosing diamond rings, you will find it most important to consider factors that are paramount to the stone. They include the cut, carat weight, clarity and color. They are the basics which will guide you in choosing the best rings for the event that you have.

    When choosing rings, there is also the option of selecting a single diamond on the ring or a half-row presentation. The most common settings of the diamonds include:

    · Rings with four prongs raising a large diamond from the bank at the same time holding it in place.

    · Rings with a channel in which a string of diamonds is arranged.

    · Rings with a paved setting featuring several sets of diamond covering the top surface entirely.


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  2. What Width Of Band To Choose For Ladies And Gents

    Rings are adorned by both ladies and gentlemen. They could be for anything, including wedding, engagements or personal beauty. Whatever reason of wearing your ring, there is the need to choose the correct width. This is especially because it is a factor that can greatly affect the comfort levels you enjoy with the ring. The width can also determine how beautiful the ring ends up looking on your fingers and of course everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful ring on the fingers.

    For the gents

    Usually men always settle for bigger widths when it comes to the rings. This is because naturally men are created with larger hands and fingers for that matter. The larger width rings therefore look amazing on the large fingers since they add a striking highlight. However the width should also be selected to match with the length and size of the fingers. The short and fat fingers

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  3. Brushed And Polished Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings hold so much importance not just in that particular moment they get exchanged, but also in the long run. This is considering that the bands will be worn every single day as perfect reminders of the vows and the love between the couple. There is therefore a great need to ensure that the perfect choices are made in the initial stages. Even though there are possibilities of changing the bands after the wedding as a result of different factors such as loss of the original rings or comfort issues, it is always advisable to choose rings that will last and serve for the longest time possible.

    When it comes to wedding rings, the choices are numerous with gold and diamond rings making the most common and popular. The variety makes sure that all individual preferences are taken into consideration so that the choices are most suitable in the end. Different metals and embellishments are also used to create the wedding bands

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  4. The Tradition Of Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings are the major areas of focus in any given wedding away from the wedding gown of course. The bands are exchanged traditionally between the groom and the bride and they are worn as long as the marriage stays. They are the symbols of the union and love and are worn on the fourth finger usually on the left hand. This is why the finger is referred to as the ring finger. However, not many people know the basics behind the wedding ring tradition.

    The oldest record of the ring exchange goes way back to about 4800 years ago in Egypt. In these years, the reeds, rushes and sledges that grow along papyrus would be twisted and braided to make the rings. Women would wear them alongside other decorative ornaments. The circular shape was used to symbolize eternity since it does not have a beginning or an end. This was not only for the Egyptians, but also for other ancient cultures. In essence, even the hole in the middle had some

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