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  1. Matching Wedding Rings- Design The Dream

    Two Gold wedding rings, diamond wedding rings for men

    When you start your search for wedding rings it can be hard to find the design you have had in mind, whether it is a matching wedding ring set, or a design that echos within the ladies and man's wedding ring. So at Aurus London we decided to make this easier, our tailoring service means that we can adapt our current designs to suit you perfectly, to match your engagement ring, to match each other, and importantly to suit your budget.

    Our showroom collection holds 1500 different styles, meaning that we can create the perfect custom wedding ring, and our large collection of matching wedding ring pairs means that you are

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  2. How to find the perfect His & Hers matching wedding rings- Design the Dream

    Vintage style wedding ring and matching wedding ring

    It is always a lovely idea to match your brides and grooms wedding rings, and being ring specialists' we know this, and have developed a huge collection of matching wedding rings.

    However, you do need to throw out your pre-conceptions of what matching wedding rings look like, because if a lady wants a full diamond ring, the chances are that the partner won't want so much bling on their wedding ring. So our matching wedding rings have design details that match and allow for each wearers personality and personal taste to be taken into consideration.

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  3. Shaped wedding rings- Design the dream


    [caption id="attachment_422" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Pinched Diamond Wedding Ring Pinched Diamond Wedding Ring[/caption]


    Finding the perfect wedding ring can be tricky when you go out for your first shopping trip, and quickly realise that a straight band does not fit next to your beautiful engagement ring. All of your preconceived thoughts about how your wedding ring would look can go flying out the window, and you might feel lost and overwhelmed at the prospect of considering another style.

    At Aurus London we make it our aim to find you the perfect wedding ring, a ring that you didn't even know existed is sat in our London showroom waiting for you to find it.

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  4. Shaped Wedding Rings to match your Engagement ring

    [caption id="attachment_408" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Tension Set Engagement Ring Wave shaped wedding engagement ring and tension set diamond engagement ring[/caption]


    Have you begun your 2017 wedding ring search and found that straight bands just are not fitting, or working next to your unique engagement ring?

    At Aurus London we know that shaped wedding rings are rarely perfect when you go to a High Street Jewellers, that is why we have our tailored shaping service. We use your engagement ring as the mould to fit your wedding ring perfectly next to it, ensuring the most comfortable fit and perfect matching set of wedding ring and engagement ring.

    We start

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  5. Design your perfect Engagement Ring


    [caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring Art deco gatsby inspired engagement ring[/caption]

    If you have decided to make your engagement ring that bit more special by designing it yourself, then you need to choose a ring specialist who will understand your requests: that is where Aurus London come into your life!

    We have a tailored bespoke design service in our London Showroom, working around your initial inspiration, budget, stone ideas and proposal plans, we really do make the journey that bit more special, and a lot less daunting!

    Our in-house designer Sophie will discuss design

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  6. Vintage Wedding Rings, What you need to know...

    Vintage wedding rings in london



    When it comes to beginning your wedding ring search the most useful starting point is your engagement ring. If it has a vintage design, antique in era, or you want to add detail to a solitaire diamond engagement ring, vintage wedding rings are always a favourite.

    At Aurus we have a huge selection of vintage style wedding rings, and a bespoke design service to create your dream wedding ring in our London showroom. We have art-deco inspired mill-grain and baguette diamond wedding rings, alongside patterned wedding rings with mill-grain edges. Don't automatically think that vintage

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  7. How to clean your engagement ring


    [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond Halo diamond engagement ring with D IF diamond[/caption]

    One of the questions we get asked in almost every ring appointment is: "How do I keep my engagement ring clean?"  There will always be conflicting advise with this, some will say use neat vodka or gin to clean a diamond engagement ring, some will say soapy water.


    What we recommend at Aurus for home cleaning of an Aurus Diamond engagement ring, is washing up liquid in warm water and a very soft old toothbrush. If you lather up the washing liquid, this will act as a de-greaser

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  8. Shaped Wedding Ring Guide


    Shaped wedding rings

    More often than not we have customers come into our London showroom knowing that straight wedding rings do not fit well next to their engagement ring, there is often a gap, big or small which means that the wedding ring is not a perfect match for them.

    The reason they come through our door is because we have the largest selection of shaped bands in the UK. Spanning from plain shaped wishbones, or diamond set wedding rings with custom shaping to match their engagement ring shape, we have the ring you are looking for.

    To introduce you to the shaped wedding band world, we have listed the 4 most popular shaped band styles and the

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  9. Aurus London will be at The Wedding Fair ExCel September 17th-18th



    [caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="289"]The Wedding Fair ExCel 2016 The Wedding Fair ExCel 2016[/caption]



    What is better than finding your perfect wedding ring with your dedicated ring specialist by your side? Having all of this with a 50% discount of course, and all of this is available this weekend with The Wedding Fair at ExCel London!

    Wedding Fairs are a fantastic source of  wedding planning, all of the top suppliers from your wedding region are all under one roof, offering amazing discounts to all visitors. Yes they're fantastic days out when you're looking for inspiration, but our

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  10. How much do you need to spend on wedding rings?



    [caption id="attachment_463" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Alec Vanderboom Alec Vanderboom[/caption]

    Most Brides and Grooms may not think that picking out wedding rings is as exciting as the wedding dress or Venue, but we are here to prove you wrong!

    Yes it may be a bit boring to go to a high street jewellers... to try on a ring over a glass counter... whilst you get distracted by earrings that may go really well with your dress... or cufflinks for ushers.

    However, at Aurus London we only supply wedding and engagement rings, so we are the specialists for you, we strive to  make the experience as luxurious and involved as possible.

    Sit back in our

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