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When you begin your engagement ring search, you will notice a couple of things very quickly.

One:  That high street engagement rings start to look very similar to a friend who just got engaged's ring, and the next and the next.

Two, that you want something unique but you're not quite sure where to go because Hatton Gardens feels too 'trade-focused' for you to not feel like they are telling you what you want to hear, and that you might not be getting value for money.

This is where Aurus London comes in, we are a bespoke engagement & wedding ring specialist based just away from Hatton Garden in a relaxed part of Clerkenwell. We are dedicated to designing the perfect engagement ring that fits your partners style, lifestyle and your budget.

Our bespoke design service means that you can bring in your own designs that you know that your partner likes, or design details that you would like to incorporate into the design in order to make it extra personal to you as a couple.

bespoke sapphire engagement ring


Our designer Sophie will then sketch up your ideas for you to see and decide upon, the hand sketch will then been created in 3D CAD software, enabling you to see the ring from all angles, and therefore guaranteeing that you will be in love with the final design and it's bespoke detailing.

Bespoke engagement ring design

CAD design engagement ring

The ring will then be hand-finished in our Hatton Garden workshop, and the centre stone of your choice will be set for the finishing flourish.

With the bespoke engagement ring design service that Aurus London offers, you will be sure to receive a recognised diamond certificate from one of the leading grading laboratories in the world, either from GIA, IGI or HRD. A complimentary ring re-sizing is also included in the Aurus Engagement Ring package plus an amazing discount off your wedding rings!

So now you have an idea of how to create a unique engagement ring, without feeling too daunted by pricing or process, simply book your appointment in our London showroom here.

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